Climate Disinfo Night School

3 Apr – 30 May 2024 NZST

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Taking inspiration from the long history around the world of folk education, particularly the Scandinavian and Appalachian traditions, this course is designed to offer a fun, affordable and rigorous experience–that serves the needs of working adults.

Like all folk education, liberation and movement building is at the core of the course. We save ourselves together–and we educate ourselves to build solidarity, share tactics, and create a shared vision for a better future for all of us.

There’s no grades, no assessments, no credentials.

This is about learning for the love of learning and the love of each other.

Course Objectives
Understand how disinformation campaigns work and how they impact our ability to respond to climate change.
Provide space to learn what the scholarly literature says about countering disinformation and explore the work of others who are active in countering disinformation.
Help you develop plans and strategies for your own work that can be applied within your own sphere of influence.

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Thu 4 Apr – Thu 30 May 2024 NZST


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Wed 3 Apr – Wed 29 May 2024 NZST


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We will meet weekly for 90 minutes for discussions, activities, and hands on learning.

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